New Site is Live!

It took some fiddling around and help from a willing partner, but my new website is finally ready to see the light of day! This is currently the third iteration of my portfolio website, and it has come quite the long way.

I decided to give Squarespace a try after hearing about it, both in advertisements and from friends. I listen to a number of podcasts that are supported in part by Squarespace, and while the hosts often gave the usual scripetd shtick, some encouraged listeners to check out the websites they had made via Squarespace. When I finally did so, I was impressed. WordPress had served me well, but Squarespace sites seem to have overall more modern appearances. One must keep up with the times, so here I am!

It has really been quite fun putting my site together in a new way. The process is fairly intuitive, and my lovely partner lended a hand in finding workarounds more than once. The result is something I am quite happy with, yet I still find myself eager to continue playing around and seeing what else I can do.

I will continue adding more content, so please check back in from time to time.

Sarah Luger